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Friday, November 4, 2011


Pey's dragon is done! Shipped- mailed- sent - DONE! This one took me a while to figure out. My first head was huge - way too big to think about a body to fit. The second head was better, and I did finish the body. Then the wings, the scallops along the spine, the flames for the ears, nose and mouth. Next time, I will make the body more streamlined. The puppet application worked well and I like how the wings came out. I used "horsehair" stiffener in the ridges of the wings and crocheted around the edges to help the shaping.

I stuffed BeDraggled with poly-fill and then took out most of it. I left some in the head and along the back of the body to disguise the puppet aspect a bit.

BeDraggled is made with both knit and crochet, and the yarn I started with didn't match the yarn I ended with, exactly, but I still think it came out well in the end. I added two feet, but decided to let Pey's hands be the hands.

Can't wait to get pictures of the dragon in action!

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