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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Don't Give Your All

Thinking about things recently, I saw a picture of my physical self leaning against the stump of a tree - my spiritual self - just like in "The Giving Tree" at the end. I realized that even though I try so very hard to preserve my energy and take care of my physical needs so that I have more "good days" - I have become very depleted on the inside. Picturing my spiritual energy as nothing but a stump was stunning, thought provoking, and it felt just as sad as the end of  "The Giving Tree." Then I realized - every time the Tree gives of herself something inside me screams "NO!" "Don't do it!!" because we all know what happens when she  gives - more is asked. The gifts freely given are never enough.

So now the new challenge - when you find yourself empty, when you feel you have given all you have, how do you refill? You can't just pull up to a spiritual gas pump, now can you? You can't have someone else fill your emptiness.

It isn't lack of fulfilling activities, it isn't lack of recognition or appreciation... 

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