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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flight and Vision

Birds of Prey - I don't think of them as predators. I think of them as Fliers - with their gliding wings spread, riding thermals, going up and up, coasting down. I think of their incredible vision, their almost infinite ability to focus on tiny creatures far far away.
I connect to them in spiritual ways, how they were created to trust their wings, their instincts, their sight. How they are equipped for everything they need to complete their life tasks, how they soar through their lives never thinking about how or why - and yet they always seem to "know" everything.

I love how they look, love their sharp piercing talons and beaks.

And I love how they pose for me - just for me - because they know my ancestors revered them and honored them as I do.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I suppose some people like change, maybe even enjoy it. Some of us hate it and fight it kicking and screaming, even when we know it is needed. I'm definitely in the latter category. Never enjoyed change much. I did like moving to Colorado, and I have enjoyed many of my multiple career changes.

I didn't much like moving back to Texas, though. When I left Texas, I bled lone stars and red/white/and blue. But after ten years in Colorado, I think I bleed gold circles surrounded by a red C on a field of blue and white. Texas will always be my country of origin, but I believe Colorado will always have a hold on my heart.

Leaving Colorado, I left a family that I dearly miss. While I think things are better for all of us this way, I never stop missing people and places there.

Looking back at things I feel a sense of sadness and loss, but I know time will heal many wounds. I hope it heals them all.