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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning Curve

Totally enjoying Kim's stay-cation and learning SO MUCH!  I am a little slower than I want to be, but I think I am absorbing more this way - at least I hope so!

I now have a flickr page and have learned to upload to it.  I have seen SO much inspiration!  Even though photography as an art form has never been my thing, I am getting inspired to get some sort of Photo Shop and learn it!  The photos in the flickr pool are amazing!

Also seeing so many amazing "how-to's" I just can't get them all done at once - but I am totally loving it!

My inspiration has taken a different form today:
no matter what you try to use to bury what is in you,
it will not go away
it may not choose to be born in a hostile environment
that would kill it –
but like a wildflower seed waiting for a rainy spring
it will wait,
hold itself in readiness, and then when it is time –
it will burst forth with all the power and energy
that has been building
and it WILL be as it was meant to BE
at this point you cannot hold it back any more
it comes as a baby that must be BORN!
Sharon Gunn McMahon 8/5/2010

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