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Friday, July 23, 2010


I am a Book Fairy!

I follow and enjoy a blog (well, several, but this is one of my favorite) by Christine Mason Miller.  She wrote a book called "Ordinary Sparkling Moments" and has created the job of "Book Fairy" in which people are given a book and go about the job of leaving them in various places all over the world.  She calls this the "100 Book Project" because she is giving away 100 books... well, anyway, the book is wrapped in a brown paper bag and then the front has written on it "this is a gift for you - Yes, You."  The person who finds this book (hopefully) is the person who "needs" it at the moment.  It is quite serendipitous and actually quite exciting in my mind.  I am just really jazzed about doing this.

I got the book a while ago and tried to leave it in one of MY most inspiring places.  There is a trail that goes behind our street.  On this trail there are some areas with benches for "resting" or "viewing" as I prefer to call it ;-).  Actually the trail is very steep in some points, so I do a lot of "viewing" while panting/catching my breath.  This one viewing area has an almost-360-degree-view and is a great source of inspiration for me.  I have done quite a lot of thinking there! I have never been disturbed while "viewing" and thinking, but I have seen many people on the trail, so I thought it would be a perfect spot to leave the "Gift" - and I thought another thinker would come and think and see the book, take it and be totally thrilled with it... I felt inspired.  I needed to do it "now - today" and so off I went...

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