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Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Fairy Project

After I left the book, we had a family picnic.  We met at a park and had supper.

As we loaded up and headed for home, I began to have raindrops on the windshield.  I had left the book 2 hours ago, but the brown paper would not protect it from the rain.  On the way home, I stopped and asked Younger Daughter to dash up the trail in her young fast way and check on the book.  (I also asked her to see if Mr. Bluebird was still hanging out, and to take a picture of him if she could - he had been too fast for me.)

She went up the steep hill and disappeared.  I waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Younger Daughter is tall and slim and extremely quick-moving.  Not hyper (unless on Pepsi), just quick.

So I began to wonder - did she walk home?  Was she thinking I was just dropping her off and would see her back at the house... then as I was entering her name to text her, I saw her moseying - yes, moseying slowly back down the trail, talking on her phone, holding the camera in her hand, and - with the book tucked under her arm.  Good thing we checked!

She got in the car and we looked it over.  A couple of raindrops had smeared the wording a TINY bit, and someone had actually torn the edge of the wrapping enough to peek inside and see that it was a Book... and they had left it!

I felt deflated and sad- this book had been left for them but they missed their chance... Now I will have to find another day, another serendipitous moment, and another Auspicious Location for the book... my tenure as Book Fairy continues.

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